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The Virtual Coaching Series has only one objective: to get you through the pre-selection process at the Canadian Federal Public Service. A valuable reference for every step of the application process, this series will leave you feeling 100% confident the next time you submit an application!!

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Andree Martineau is a Career Management Specialist with over 8 years of experience working with federal civil servants and has already applied for herself several times and won several appointments process before becoming a consultant in the field. She wrote this book as if she were on your side. She is convinced that everyone should have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and be pre-selected.

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The 3 e-books of the Virtual Coaching Series will enable you to :

Clarify the requirements of the job you want
Develop work plans to facilitate the application process and help your job search
Clearly write applications that demonstrate you have the required experience
Optimize the time and energy you invest in your job search
Draw inspiration from a variety of examples
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If you're tired of waiting (staffing processes can take at least 6 months) and want to maintain a high morale during your job search, the Virtual Coaching Series is for you.

Consider the time and energy you're already spending to look for a job:

  1. How much is an hour of your time worth? (e.g. $15.50/hr)
  2. How many hours do you typically spend preparing your candidacy for a position (e.g. 3 hours)
  3. How much does it cost you to apply for a job? (multiply your answers to questions #1 and #2, e.g. 3 x $15.50= 46.50$)
  4. How much would you earn if were to get the job? (e.g. $26.40/hr)
  5. If you commit a normal workday to searching for a job, how much is it costing you per year? (e.g. ($26.40/hr-$15.50/hr = $10.90/hr) x 37.5 hr x 50 weeks = $20 437/year!)

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P.S.: Warning - If you apply the secrets described in these e-books the next time you send an application, you can be assured that your candidacy will be successful. Start preparing for the exam or interview as soon as you send your application because you may not have a lot time after you are notified!

P.P.S.: For organizations (library, employment center) - Because these e-books are encrypted and their use are reserved to their owner only (by the use of a password), you can purchase a hard copy of the Virtual Coaching Series for 15$ additional by ordering it directly to